Excursions & Tours


We welcome you to a special place on Earth, a minuscule country forged by crystal clear waters, and immense, majestic mountains. 

The elements of nature have been combined in the perfect blend, with nature celebrating its magnitude and creating a genuine masterpiece to be treasured.


Montenegro is an all-year-round destination, a wonderful location where everyone rejoices  and is introduced to the ultimate feeling of rejuvenation and inspiration.


It is the overwhelming natural, cultural and historical diversity that makes this country cherished by all travellers  The mystical atmosphere that overwhelms and embraces you upon setting your foot in Montenegro is indeed unique.  The feeling and memories will follow you for years to come.


Although the options are endless, we have selected the must-see places and areas which are not to be missed and truly define the wonders which Montenegro hides within.


Here are our top picks and guest favorites, from the coast to the north of Montenegro.

Budva's Riviera


This is a chance to explore Budva and hear all about its enchanting stories, legends from a local guide. 

Explore the old town as we guide you through is charming narrow streets and pass centuries-old monuments. 

After that we will take you on a boat trip where a new perspective arrises, passing by stunning hidden beaches and coves, the historical wonder of Sveti Stefan island, and to a private beach where you will have the chance to really indulge in crystal clear waters and all the peace one could wish for.

Duration 5-6h
Includes  driver, vehicle and boat hire, tour guide, lunch

A Peak Of Montenegro


Rich history and culture, intertwined and wrapped into lush and untamed nature. On this journey, you will experience it all, from royalty, to rustic and traditional ways of life. 

The Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Lovcen National Park, the village of Njegusi and the Old Town of Kotor are just some of the exciting stops along the way. 

Promising scenic views, grasping nature, a taste of the local cuisine and exciting facts, this tour will leave you enchanted.

Duration 4-6h
Includes  driver, vehicle hire, tour guide, snack, entrance fees

Skadar Lake National Park


All in a single area, the biggest lake on the Balkan Peninsula boasts with rare beauty, endemic bird species and plants, natural wonders, rich historical heritage.

Enjoy a scenic boat trip through Skadar lake's wilderness, islands which hold tales of Montenegro's history. Experience the cuisine prepared by local fishermen and indulge in a divine wine tasting as you visit a local vineyard. 

Duration 4-6h
Includes  driver, vehicle and boat hire, tour guide, lunch, entrance fees

The Bay Of Kotor


Opposing all bounderies, the bay of Kotor stands as one of the world's greatest wonders. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the bay is defined by grasping natural beauty, ancient mediteranean settlements, and endless legends.

Experience one of the most enticing towns of the Adriatic coast, the Old Town of Kotor. Relive the history of the Roman empire's ancient settlements, and witness a man-made miracule.

Duration 5-6h
Includes  driver, vehicle and boat hire, tour guide, lunch, entrance fees

ATV Lovcen Tour


What better way to explore virgin forests, and enjoy breathtaking views? 

This tour offers an off road experience of Lovcen National Park, through wilderness and dirt roads with stops at unique sightseeing points with panoramic views of both Budva Riviera and Boka bay.

Duration 3-4h
Includes  driver, vehicle and atv hire, tour guide, entrance fees

Plantaze Wine Trail


A true Montenegrin gastronomic experience.

Plantaze vineyard is the largest single vineyard in Europe and Montenegro's largest wine producer. Winning multiple awards for quality, the brand with its main variety, Vranac, has become a globaly recognizable product of Montenegro.

Explore the vineyards, visit a former military aircraft bunker turned wine cellar with over 2 milion liters aging in wodden barrels and bottles.

Along with the tour a variety of wine and food tastings are available

Duration 4-5h
Includes  driver, vehicle hire, tour guide, entrance fees  wine and food tasting


Tara Rafting


Flowing through the deepest canyon in Europe, Durmitor National Park - UNESCO heritage site, Tara river is one of the cleanest rivers in this part of the world. 

With many rafting routes along its legnth, we use one of the most exciting ones, with thrilling rapids, amazing views of Durmitor's untouched nature, waterfalls and hidden streams.

Duration 9-10h
Includes  driver, vehicle hire, rafting with full equipment, skipper, tour guide, lunch, entrance fees

Bjelasica Off-road Jeep Tour


An experience to remember!

The mountain tops of Bjelasica tower over its surroundings, offering unimaginable views whereever you turn.

Starting from Kolasin and its ski center, the path takes us pass striking beauty, wild horses, wild flora and much more. 

At 2117 m above sea level, untouched nature, dreamy landscapes and fresh air are just some of the things you will experience and with our top of the line off-road vehicles, it will an exciting and memorable one.

Duration 7-8h
Includes  driver, vehicle hire, tour guide, jeep hire, entrance fees, lunch


Canyons Of The North


A tour that will let you discover Montenegro's truly unbounded nature, mountain tops that reach over 2000 m above sea level, separated by fascinating, intimidating canyons. 

Starting with Moraca canyon, and its daring steep roads, leading to one of the most significant religious monuments in Montenegro, Moraca Monastery. 

Not far from there lies the deepest canyon in Europe with unspoiled nature and a masterpiece of bridge building -  bridge Djurdjevica Tara, over 150 meters tall, offering a unique view of the Tara River Canyon and leaves no one indifferent. 

Duration 9-10h
Includes  driver, vehicle hire, tour guide, lunch, tickets